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About Us...

Elite Impex was founded in 1993 with an aim of serving Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Nutritional and Chemical Industries for quality products from reliable source at competitive prices. We are a team of pharmocrates and chemists having vast knowledge of these industries. Our tireless & honest work has established excellent reputation with customers.  We would like to thank them both for their generous and uninterrupted support.

Elite Impex
 is mainly sourcing its products from India, which is filled with talented work force. Since we have also put very good time in Indian Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries prior to moving to the U.S.A.we are very well aware about the environment of Indian Industries.

Our goal is to build A Solid Bridge of Faith and Trust between manufacturers and buyers. 
Elite Impex always believes in keeping transparency between manufacturers and customers to communicate openly so they can understand each other better.

Our manufacturers are very well aware about the International rules, regulations and standard specifications. We also constantly update them on latest industry news and visit their sites frequently to make sure that they are following them adequately.

Elite Impex
 and its suppliers always stand aside to its customers for technical support and marketing assistant. We firmly believe that customers must be fully satisfied and must get full attention in all directions. We are committed to providing Quality Products at Competitive Price through rigorous effort and planning.

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